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Jackson Memorial Hospital

Miami-Dade, Jackson Memorial Hospital is the equivalent to the Statue of Liberty in New York for the majority of Dade County Residents. If the citizens and taxpayers allow Jackson to fail, then every Miami-Dade, Monroe and Broward County resident will feel the domino affects of such an integral Institution.

How many times have you read that someone in critical condition has been helivack to Jackson Trauma Unit or someone is being flown in from another country to receive treatment at Jackson?  How many times have you read that Jackson refused to treat anyone because of no insurance or lack of money? How many of you that will read this article that was born at or treated at Jackson? How many of your family and friends were treated at Jackson?

If the worse case scenario presents itself and Jackson is forced to close both North and South Hospitals’, do you realistically expect Jackson to cover the massive gap that would exist, if such a plan is carried out? Will you be able to go to any hospital without thought as to whether you will receive treatment or be turned away for lack of insurance or money? Will you receive the same quality of treatment, being indigent that a paying customer would receive?  Have you given any thought to the questions, I’ve presented to you?

Every person that reads this article should be concerned about Jackson’s future.  The demise of Jackson will be detrimental to the citizens of Miami-Dade County and the surrounding counties as well. Not only will the county lose close to 5,000 jobs but all the companies that do business with Jackson will feel the consequences of such magnetic erosion.  I believe Jackson’s demise will actually be the equivalent of a small county declaring bankruptcy.

No! We didn’t cause this catastrophe but maybe we were a contributing factor by not being as vigilant as we could have been by demanding that Jackson publish an annual report of solvency .  Anyway!  At this stage of the game, Jackson Memorial Hospital is on “life support” and needs the help of the community to survive. This is a complex problem and really will require 24/7 attention for quite some time.  

Jackson needs to seek the best of the best in the areas of Finance, Corporate Restructure, Emergency Management, Certified C.P.A., Human Resources, Philanthropy, and Humanitarian Volunteers’.

I’m capable of providing clerical work as I’m currently un-employed. Maybe the federal government can attach some of the monies that are given for job training to Jackson Memorial to mitigate its loss, while at the same time providing a job for some of the unemployed Miami-Dade and surrounding counties residence.  What can you do right now to help Jackson? Remember, this is not Jackson’s problem alone, it is a countywide problem and will require the participation of all of us, including you to reach beyond the brink and pull Jackson back from the jaws of death.


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