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It’s hard and often difficult to make a critical analyst of a program or business practice that has been in place for years. However, when reality deems that the program is antiquated and out-dated, then it’s time to take a look at what use to be a good best practice. If the system is broken beyond repair, you have to look at the program as a whole, not just a piece of the pie.

The best place to start is the beginning not the end. When fiscal responsibility requires that you work from within, think outside the box and create from within, that which you need to survive. For instance, Jackson should have a dedicated full-time in-house (billing) tracking department, separate from in-take.

If Jackson currently has 25 workers, then it is not impractical too dedicate 5 workers full-time to the tracking department. One suggestion is to set up accounts alphabetically, with each employee responsible for a set group. Example: Sherri could be assigned A-E; Bob assigned F-J, Linda assigned K-O, Bill assigned P-T and Ann assigned U-Z.

If Jackson Memorial currently have an in-take office for qualifying Medicaid applicants, why do you need a second agency at such a high cost to regurgitate the same if not less details? Who approved such a concept? If indeed the Department of Children & Family Services, the state agency that qualifies applicants for Medicaid, is truly in charge, then reject applications that are not complete, period. By doing so, the Department of Children & Family Services will eliminate wasted productivity on behalf of their organization and prevent double billing at the same time.

Who reviews the contract for consultants to ascertain if they have met the minimum standards for renewal? Do you have a committee or are the contracts systematically renewed once it’s in the system? Were there any “Conflicts of Interest “or “Appearance of Impropriety Issues” and how were they addressed?

I submit that when you are making these major decisions that you have at least two workers that are in the trenches to give you insight too how things really work, which is quite often, very different from the way you think they do or should work. Their insights will save you a lot of consulting dollars and embarrassing do-over’s later. I love Jackson Memorial Hospital and would like to see it around and functioning in a fiscal responsible manner for years to come; maybe one day other companies can look at it as a best practice example.


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