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From Cocoon to Butterfly for Jackson Memorial Hospital

Before a mother gives life, she goes through the pain of childbirth. Sometimes the birth can be experience naturally with little or no medication, while other times it requires the help of the doctor by way of caesarian section.

Jackson Memorial Hospital is in the process of giving birth to the second half of its existence; what it is experiencing now is labor pains and it needs the assistance of the community to pull the new life out of it. The best of what Jackson has to offer is in the future, with modern medicine improving every day and new approaches to prevent if not contain cancer and other diseases.

It is my understanding that the Trust and County Commissioners are responsible for Jackson Memorial Financial Health. If that is the case, then they both have fallen short and “Humpty Dumpty” has fallen off the wall. With that being said; what are they going too now do differently that they haven’t done in the past?

“My fear is that the players have all put on their uniforms but are still not sure what position they’re suppose to play.” While Jackson is currently surviving on life support you can’t continue to breast feed it; Jackson needs insulin. The time to make a plan is over; it’s time to put that plan in action.

I propose that officials from the city, county, state and federal officials commit to this project.

I propose that political motivations are checked at the door.

I propose that no interest of impropriety exist among the committee.

I propose that everyone involve make decisions based on what is in the best interest of Jackson without any hidden agendas.

I propose that the committee work for the best possible outcome, with measures in place to warn the Trust and County Commissioners in the future when there is a lapse in procedure.

I propose that Jackson Memorial Hospital seek to secure federal grants for it’s groundbreaking research because of its outstretching arms world-wide.

I propose that the community collectively pray for the survival of Jackson Memorial Hospital, Dade County Commissioners and The 17-Member Trust along with all the officials that will certainly have to burn the midnight oil to pull this off.

I have confidence that Jackson Memorial Hospital will come through like “Pure Gold!” Yes You Can… Yes You Can!!!


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