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MISS ME YET? Billboard featuring Former President George W. Bush

Everyday I’m reminded of the condition that our beloved President George W. Bush left the next administration to clean up.

Do I miss you? Oh Yea!

I really miss you each time I read or hear on the news that 5,000+ prospective employees applied for 25 jobs and some started waiting in line the night before.

I miss you each time the jobless numbers rise.

I miss you when I take a peak at the county hospitals and clinics and see that the number of people has quadrupled because so many are now without employer assisted health plans.

I miss you after driving through neighborhood after neighborhood and seeing the devastation firsthand; with for sale and foreclosed homes signs everywhere.

I miss you every time I’m standing in line at the supermarket and witness the cashiers carefully going through the items a new welfare client has to put back because it’s not on the list.

I miss you as I realize that the economy will not bounce back for years to come.

Whoever advised the owner of the poster to strategically place it on I-95 South Bound, between 151st and 135th Streets, certainly gave you the most bangs for your buck. I-95, South Bound is one of the most heavily traveled expressways in Miami-Dade. It’s quite obvious that this is political posturing.

To the owner:
If you felt so strongly about what you advertised on the billboard, then, “why not own it?” Why are you using a “hit and run tactic” to get your point across. When you don’t step up, front and center, then you! as the originator of the poster, lose credibility and appear in the eyes of the public to be a coward. If this is your stance, own it! “Hit and Run” tactics are for kids not adults with serious opinions and concern for this country. Why spent all that money for nothing? It makes you a less than desirable candidate for any position servicing the public.

If you want to be a viable candidate now or in the future, come forth and claim your “MISS ME YET CROWN?”


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