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Officer John Francisco Villar Jr. gives new meaning to the phrase, “Take the Money and Run.”

Officer Villar Jr, is accused of robbing a man of $131,000 was ordered held without bail at a hearing on Wednesday,

On April 28, police say, Marvin Duarte went to collect $131,000 in winnings from wages on NBA games from Leonardo Lastre. A short time later, Duarte was pulled over by Officer John Villar Jr, who was driving his unmarked police cruiser, with Fausto Villar in the passenger seat. The Villars took the money and fled, according to an arrest warrant.


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  1. this dirty cop tried to get me in the same way. pulled me over on the palmetto under suspicion of possessing marijuana. When he didnt find anything (I dont smoke) he gave me two fraudulent citations for running a red light- impossible on the highway, Id imagine, and one for my car tint, which was factory installed. Im glad his dirt has come to light…and that he’s in prison.

    Comment by J. Lewis | June 26, 2013 | Reply

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