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Jackson Memorial Hospital – Thinking outside the box!

You cannot continue to operate the same way and expect different results. In order to effect change, you have to “think outside the box.” If your organization is on life support, then business is no longer a 9 to 5 operation. Jackson operates 24 hours a day. Why not institute a temporary 24 hour staff to start from the beginning in every department in the hospital, until such time that a 24 hour schedule is no longer needed or a 24 hour schedule becomes the standard, while utilizing the same staff members and working with the unions and other agencies to ensure cooperation from both management and employees? Adjustments too new work hours will be met with some resistance but a friendly reminder that there are millions of people unemployed would certainly put things into prospective.

Outside consultants can definitely be beneficial such as PriceWaterhouseCooper or The Sibery Group consultants hired by the Service Employees International Union to help Jackson find cost savings. However, make sure that the left hand understands what the right hand is trying to accomplish. Consultants are hired to review and recommend new best practices not to operate your business. Jackson should proceed with an “Abundance of Caution,” if any consultant agency implies orally or in writing that it can guarantee a specific number results within a certain period of time, unless the guarantee contains a money back clause.

Remember! Moving forward “thinking outside the box” will be crucial. Jackson should explore every conceivable option and proceed as though the very life of Jackson Memorial depends on it, because at the end of the day, ‘it does.”


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