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Memorial Day

The word “Memorial“ means something which serves as a reminder. Scripture witnesses to God’s participation in human history for the salvation of God’s people.

Memorials to such events reinforced faith and provided opportunities for teaching. God’s covenant name [Yahweh] was to be a “memorial name” [Ex. 3:15 NAS], a reminder of God’s liberation of God’s people.

The Passover served as a similar reminder [Ex. 12:14; 13:9]. The twelve stones taken from the Jordan’s bed served as a reminder of God’s provision of passage across the Jordan [Josh. 4:7].

In the New Testament, the Lord’s Supper serves as a reminder of Christ’s sacrificial death and an encouragement of His future coming [Matt. 26:13; Mark 14:9; 1 Cor. 11:25-26]. All these memorials serve to proclaim” the good news of what God has done.

Holman Bible Dictionary: ISBN: 1-55819-053-8

Memorial Day for many means a time of reverence to all who has served in the military and paid the highest price, “their life.” It means a time to reflect and honor all veterans that fought to keep our country safe. Memorial Day is also a time to appreciate all the disabled veterans and seek to help them anyway possible.

Memorial Day should also include those who sacrificed their life and dreams so that you could achieve your dreams.

Please remember, “Freedom is not free… It was paid for with a price.”

To all veterans and those we choose to remember on this day:
“This is Your Day! May God Bless You and Your Family. I have nothing but love and respect for you and I appreciate the many sacrifices that you and your family have made for this country. Make this Your Best Day Ever!!!”


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