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Sunday’s Best on B.E.T and then there was “Elder Goldwin McLendon”

Amazing Grace is what I see every time Elder Goldwin McLendon takes the stage. Elder McLendon is 79 years young and still going strong. What you witness is without a doubt the hands of the Lord in action. It is very apparent that Elder McLendon is that one person who has received God’s special favor. When Elder McLendon’s name is mentioned, the crowd is on their feet, even before he takes the stage.

Elder McLendon song for tonight was: “He’s all over me and He’s keeping me alive.” I could see the Spirit of the Lord all over him and I could feel the Spirit of the Lord, in his song. “It appears that when Elder McLendon takes the stage that the spirit automatically envelopes the audience and Elder McLendon is just a vessel being used by God.

The Spirit of God is present everywhere but not everyone can reach that place, where it just oozes and overflows to all that is blessed to witness it and be in its presence. The psalmist sensed that no matter where he was, God’s Spirit was there [Ps. 139:7]. The Pharaoh saw the Spirit of God in Joseph [Gen, 41:38]. Moses realized that the Spirit of God was on him, and he desired that God’s Spirit be on all of His people [Num 11:29]. During the period of the Judges, the Spirit of the Lord came to individuals and empowered them to accomplish specific tasks [Judg. 3:10; 6:34; 11:29; 13:25; 14:6; 14:19].

Isaiah spoke of one who is to come from the line of Jesse, one of whom the Spirit of the Lord would rest. This person would have the Spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel, power, knowledge, and the fear of the Lord [ISA. 11:1-3]. Ezekiel prophesied that God would put His Spirit within His people, removing from them hearts of stone and putting within them hearts of flesh that would be obedient to God’s way [Ezek. 36:26-27]. “I believe that Elder McLendon is one such person. God is truly all over him and is indeed keeping him alive for such a time as this.”

I look forward to purchasing his CD or DVD in stores soon.


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