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Grand Jury Report: Jackson Health System, a “Colossal Mess”

Now that we finally agree that Jackson is indeed on life support, “Where do we go from here?”

In my first article on Jackson, written on 04/23/2010, I spoke about virtually every point the Grand Jury addressed in their recent report. That was approximately 3½ months ago. What have the Public Trust, Miami-Dade Commissioners, Jackson Executives and the other entities involved in Jackson been up too?

What improvements are in place right now as a result of what appeared to be newfound knowledge that Jackson Memorial Hospital was days away from bankruptcy?

Are you still reviewing your next plan of action? If so! Then you need to be fired. To read that Jackson Health System and the Public Health Trust “will perform a thorough review of the Grand Jury Report and then state that “We are committed to working with all of our partners: Miami-Dade County, academic affiliates and organized labor to work towards greater efficiencies for a sustainable Jackson.” is a bunch of demagoguery!

Tell me who? Who amongst the group is capable of taking this report, deciphering it in a matter of hours, no more than 72, and then proceeding to A.C.T. in the best interest of Jackson Health System?

My boss would repeatedly tell me too “Don’t Make Waves!” What was she really trying to say? Turn a deaf ear to what you know is unethical? “Play Along to Get Along.” Does this sound familiar? I suspect this rhetoric is adopted in almost all areas of public policy, but why? How did we get to this state of consciousness?


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