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We’re drowning in debt and joblessness along with the other ills that come with it, but don’t worry America; the solution is too continuously report negatively about President Obama every chance we get and things are sure to change.

The magnitude of ignorance is astounding as I witness reporter after reporter smiling as though they just won the lottery, reporting that the President is on a losing streak on his trip abroad. They report as though they live in a different country. Who do they think are the real losers?

It’s not President Obama but rather the citizens that will feel the effects of a win or lose situation from this trip. The President went on a trip to try to create more jobs for the 17 million and counting citizens currently unemployed. President Obama is not unemployed, so this is not a self serving trip but rather an opportunity to meet one on one with the powers-that-be, which have the ability to create thousands of jobs for Americans.

America! You better wake up! And become thinkers rather than followers of your own destiny. If someone purports to do better without showing you a realistic, sustainable, workable plan, don’t fall for the rhetoric. America needs all the thinkers and doers they can get, citizens as well as politicians. The time to point the finger, has long since past. America needs common sense doable plans of action to get this country back on course.

No one party will be responsible for America’s turn around. It’s going to take the positive efforts, going in the same direction of all who currently reside in the United States to turn our economic system around. The minds of the politicians and its constituents will have to be expanded and their “arrogance of power” will have to be checked at the door and “what is in the best interest of this country”, should be front and center!

For all the pundits that say “We can do better!” Show me, in black and white, plain simple English not more political mambo jumbo, specifics that tell me exactly what, when, where, and how your plan will put America back to work now not in 10 years from now.

Please don’t tell me that we are going to repeal everything! Tell me what you are going to do for all the constituents that put their trust in you too do better. Repeal means more of the same…Voters elected you for change.

Now that you have been elected, Politicians! What are you going to do for the people?

“What does it profit a man to win an election but lose his soul in the process?”


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  1. Unfortunately many Americans would prefer NOT to think and be led sheeple. Or even worse, be led by loud mouth pundits that have no real experience or education at being leaders, but like to think they are.

    Comment by missdisplaced | November 14, 2010 | Reply

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