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America needs an “EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER.”

As I watch show after show, I’m marveled at all the everyday people as well as corporate ceo’s come together for one common purpose, “To make that family whole again.” I don’t see politicians or party affiliations gravelling about, “do it this way!”’, No, “Do it that way,” just ordinary people coming together for a good cause.

I say! That’s what we need in the White House and on Capitol Hill, ordinary people with good common sense that have the pulse of the people on their minds and in their hearts to turn our country and ultimately this nation around.

We need representatives who have picked themselves up by their bootstraps and persevered against all odds and know what it feels like to come home at the end of the day, tired and hungry.

Good leaders, who have toiled the fields of this land, quietly wiping the sweat from their brows, yet still persevering. These are the people, who truly have a vested interest in its people and its country.

If life was provided too me on a silver platter, I have no vested interest in its outcome. I sowed nothing! I only have a vested interest in me and mine! Sound familiar?


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