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All Corporate CEO’s should go undercover for a week! It’ll save them millions in lost revenue.

It’s not the executive director, senior administrator, operations manager, or even the executive assistant that you will gain the most useful knowledge and actually learns what’s really going on and who is really running your corporation.

It’s the invisible employee that comes to work everyday for minimal pay and give the company 110 percent without even so much as a “Thank You for a job well done at the end of the year.”

Much of the credit you give to your top management should actually be given to one or two exceptional workers, who consistently go the extra mile then humbly, step back and let their supervisor take the credit for their work and not say a word for fear of losing their job.

It is not unusual for upper management to give an assignment to their director, who in turn gives the assignment to their subordinate to complete as a “special project.”

Their boss may even get a promotion! This is common practice.

CEO’s can learn more about the operations of the business in one week going undercover, than they can learn in a year meeting with their directors.

Directors tell you what you want to hear, the support staff tell you like it is. That’s the truth!


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