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Miami-Dade Commission Board – Report on Foundation Health Services & Jackson Memorial Foundation

Miami-Dade County Commissioners Hard at Work

Someone must have passed the smelling salt to Miami-Dade County Commissioners. My Lord! They’re actually waking up from their deep sleep or maybe it’s the “Threat of Recall” that’s fresh on their minds.

It appears that base on a recent financial report that someone has been very busy misappropriating thousands of taxpayers and loyal constituent’s dollars; yet on every channel I hear that Jackson Health Systems funds are on life support.

In the report it names Rolando Rodriquez, Chief Executive of both the “Foundation Health Services”, a not-for-profit organization and “Jackson Memorial Foundation,” a public hospital fundraising arm. Can anyone say with me “The Appearance of Impropriety?” Now someone, please pass me the smelling salt!

I just literally read five minutes ago that Cynthia Curry, recently hired Building Director for the City of Miami Beach was terminated for similiar activities, while Rolando Rodriquez is still on the job. What did I miss?

Also, how ingenious of Mr. Rodriquez to add a last minute addendum to his contract, that was renewed just last month to include a clause that guarantee him a $52,500 exist bonus, should someone find out that he is ripping the carpet from under Jackson Health System.

It appears that many of the issues that are addressed by the Commission Board are beyond their expertise. Perhaps it’s time to rethink their role in governing the County.


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