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“Stay in Your Lane! John Boehner, “You’re not the President!”

Stay in your lane!” made famous by Judge Karen Mills-Francis, on her TV Court Show. “I know what I’m doing! I don’t need you to tell me how to do my job”.

I think that someone needs to tell Rep. John Boehner of Ohio, “to stay in his lane. “ He appears to want to exercise power that he doesn’t have. He is not the President, but rather the new Speaker of the House, yet he appears to try and manipulate every situation to his benefit. I see that he really have the people’s best interest at heart.

Boehner should be at the White House to work with administration, not to take over administration. Stay in your lane! And learn your role. In the future, if you want to run for the president, then by all means, do so. Until then, remember your role and your obligation to the people who entrusted their vote to you to make things better not worse. It’s not about you! It really isn’t! So calm down, learn your role and stay focused on what’s really important.

I’ve already heard the “pomp and stance“; “When we get to Capital Hill, we’re going to this and ‘we’re going to do that, because I have power and it’s already gone too my head.”

I say, it will serve you well to first take 2 steps back and get in your lane, take a deep breathe, take 2 Tylenols along with a half hour power nap, so your blood pressure can go down. When you wake up, wash your face, so that when you come to the table, you would have refocused on what’s really important, along with an open mind and maybe, just maybe something productive can become out of your meeting with the President of the United States.

Yes! He is your boss too, but that’s alright, you’ll survive!

A word to the wise: “You don’t have to like me … but you do have to respect me.” Remember that phrase, “It’ll serve you well.”


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