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Employers linking “Bad Credit” to Job Offers…an egregious mistake

Unless the prospective new hire will be working directly with money in some capacity or in a bank, why would that employee be denied employment based on a credit report? Even if the position involved the handling of money, employees are sent as a prerequisite to a bonding agency to be bonded and the job offer is subject to its results.

So, are you saying that everyone who is currently hired in your company went through a screening process which included checking their credit? I think not! What about now? What would you do if half of your employees’ credit reports came back with less than perfect credit? Would you terminate them, put them on probation or do nothing as long as they performed according to their job description?

If the prospective employees’ credit record is such a factor, will the employer provide housing and transportation, therefore the credit report will become an issue?

In actuality, the employee should check the credit of the employer in which they are interested in working with to determine if the company is financially sound or near bankruptcy. Why? “An employee upon hire extends credit for services to be rendered to the employer, until such time as the employee is paid.” I have been in the workforce arena for over 40 years, and to date, I don’t know of a single employer that pays an employee in advance, therefore the employee is extending credit to the employer.

Oftentimes, the employer will make a statement implying that “they’re giving you a job.” This is incorrect! You are working for that employer for services rendered. In order for that statement to be true, the employer would have to pay you just for showing up for work not for work performed.

With 17 million employees’ unemployed and counting, it would be a great disservice to you, the human resource director, the company and the prospective employee, who not only meets the minimum requirements for that position but far exceeds it, to disallow him/her an opportunity based on a credit report. Oh! By the way, don’t exclude the over 50[baby boomers] group because before you know it, statistics showing, they will outnumber the younger generation and you might be the next new employee seeking employment.

This is to the Human Resource Departments across the states:
How long has the prospective employee been unemployed? If it’s more than 6 months, chances are they’re credit has taken a hit. If they have been unemployed for more than a year, I know they’re credit report has taken a hit. Are they homeowners? If the answer is “Yes,” then I suspect they have been fighting, tooth and nail to keep their homes intact and maintain some type of stability while seeking employment.

Unless that employee has filed for bankruptcy; once hired, there is a chance to reconcile their accounts. However, if that employee is unable to get a job because of a bad credit report, this country will never see the dawn of a new day.

“You have to be the change you want to see in others.”


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