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Followers or Thinkers: until we learn the difference, we will all suffer. “For every action there is a reaction.”

When a speaker begins to expound on a topic of interest, it’s only considered free speech, if the outcome only affects the orator. If the topic of interest will affect others, then it’s not free. If while you’re seeking freedom to remain in this country, you’re literally, stepping on the necks of others, then your freedom is not without a cause, and certainly not free. Even when you see the advertisement, “Buy One Get One Free” it’s not free! The actual cost is divided between the two items to bring your final cost down.

Have you ever heard the phrase? “He can’t think his way out of a paper bag!” The phrase sounds ridiculous, but there are many people that can’t think their way out of a paper bag because they were not trained or programmed, if you will, too think for themselves.

People, you need to know when to follow and when to back away. You must learn and I can’t emphasize this statement enough, when to “T.H.I.N.K” for yourself. Unfortunately, the majority of the people born and raised in the United States are followers. They are good at taking directions, but paralyzed, when it comes to independent thinking.

I’ve worked in the government workforce for over 30 years and the common rule is “Don’t Make Waves!” and the companies that employ you really mean, “Don’t Make Waves!” They expect you to play along to get along. The employee is deeply discouraged and often penalized for having a vision, rather than being a robot, which can take orders and just be quiet. It becomes painfully clear, early on, that you’re not paid to think.

If the companies culture is to do the bare minimum, socialize a lot, work enough not too cause alarm, and drink and sex everybody under the table, they expect you to fall in line, and if you don’t cooperate, then you’re out. Would you follow this culture? Surprisingly! A lot of employees, young and old, new or seasoned just fall in line and become part of the status quo. Why? They have been trained to be followers and not thinkers. Work ethics, integrity, fidelity, self-esteem, self respect and sometimes religion are tossed out the window. Why? They are trained to be Follower’s not Thinker’s! They know the phrase, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” all too well. Once again, “play along to get along!” Followers and not Thinkers!

People, you need to know, “when to hold” and “when to fold.” I know it’s hard, but you’ve got to learn to think for yourself. Learn when the price of a relationship; be it personal, political or professional is too high! ‘Is the price too high?’ Don’t just think of the instant gratification from your decision but think it through from A to Z, and make a determination after all things are considered. Will your decision allow you to live with yourself, sleep at night and look at yourself in the mirror the next morning without regret?

What is the ultimate price for following blindly and often ignorantly without any thought or little thought to the eventual outcome? If you don’t know the answer, just look around, the followers are everywhere, ready to fight and incite on a moments notice. Why? Followers are always considered the weak link and can be easily manipulated. If you must follow! Then, know who you’re following and why you’re following that person or cause and what could be the ultimate outcome to you and others, and “Is the price too high?”

Be careful of the one that roars the loudest, then run and hide and see what you’re going to do. “Hit and Run Leaders” always look for the weakest link to support their under-handed and sometimes deadly causes. “Are you the weak link that they are looking for?”

I hope that this message gives you cause to pause and examine your prospective in life and even ask yourself the question, “Am I a Follower or Thinker?”


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