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Where will we go . . . When Jackson Health System is no more?

Jackson Health System’s treasurer, Marcos Lapciuc, should come out and say what the public already knows, “Jackson is financially bankrupt or broke.

It seems that Jackson have become a patient in its own I.C.U. If you turn off the respirator, Jackson would die. (There has been no brain activity for months)

Jackson executives have met with the Miami-Dade County Commissioners so many times, even the dead are getting restless.

The executives met yet again on Thursday, to explain where the Health System Stand. Only problem is! Jackson is not standing, it’s laying down, hooked up to all sorts of life support machines, soon to take its last breath! The preacher has been summons and the next of kin is beginning to stream into the room to say their last good-bye.

I can hear Jackson relatives saying, “I tried to tell them that you were critically ill, but they just wouldn’t listen! Everyone had their own agenda and they just wouldn’t listen too me!”

So! Do we plan for a funeral or plan for a 3 day tele-ton to give Jackson an immediate transfusion to see if we can pump some life back into Jackson? I say! Don’t Be Tardy . . . for the Party!!!


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