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What about the Children/Teachers during Fiscal Year 2010-2011?

•An estimated 9,158 Florida children would lose slots in the Federally
Funded “Head-Start Program” under the House Bill.

•The report projected that Florida would lose about $368 Million of its
current allotment of “Pell Grants” to help needy students pay for
college. Affecting about 565,000 students by denying or reducing
grants amount.

• Florida would lose $30.4 million of Special-Education Grants.

• $19.3 million For School Improvements, lost.
• $38.6 million to help K-12 Students, lost.
• $5.9 million for vocational and adult education, lost.
• $73.7 million for job training, lost.
• $29.6 million for public housing, lost.
• $9.6 million for Law Enforcement Grants, lost.
• Florida schools will lay off 2,000 teachers and
have fewer police, lost.

The Village will have to step up and represent during these crucial times. Parents, friends and associates will also have to, not just show up, but be willing participants in raising their children. We are living in the best of times and also in the worst of times. Things will not get easier but in fact become more challenging, so recognize it and continue to move ahead with a strategic plan of action.

Of course we need children! Adults need children
in their lives to listen to and care for, to keep
their imagination fresh and their hearts young
and to make the future a reality for
which they are willing to work.
Margaret Mead


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