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Your Vote . . . Your Voice . . . No Vote…No Voice!

Don’t take your vote or voting for granted. It is imperative to know the candidate or issues you’re voting on. Don’t leave it up to the media, newspaper, radio or other mediums to determine how you will vote. It is your responsibility to seek out or search out, if you will, the information needed to make a sound decision and then cast a vote that you can live with.

Don’t vote for one candidate over the other based on preconceived and misguided information. Don’t vote for a candidate because of your dislike for the other, it will come back to haunt you in the end.

I have to wonder, how many of the constituents that are now rallying in Wisconsin, voted for the very politicians that appear to be working against them.

Remember! Once you cast your vote and place it in the ballot box, it’s too late to change your mind. Be a Smart Voter…know who and what you’re voting for and encourage other’s to do the same.

In the end,”Your Vote will be Your Voice!”. No Vote! No Voice!!!


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