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Consultants release study on how to save Jackson … and the plan is what?

I almost could not contain myself when reading in the Herald that finally someone researched and developed a business model in which to save Jackson. According to the article, Sibery Group, Chicago Healthcare Consultants have worked tirelessly to devise a plan to rescue Jackson from certain demise.

The S. Group created a turn-around team, consisting of a Chief turn-around officer and 5 other Executives for a period of 30 months, which include senior partner, Duana Fitch. Fitch said he believes there are six keys to fixing Jackson.

1. Converting to primary care and outpatient services to treat patients in the lowest possible cost setting.

Comment: Converting what? Are you saying that you would convert the entire hospital to primary care and outpatient services or will there be a specialized unit within Jackson to handle only the primary care and outpatient services?
Lowest possible cost setting – Is this another way to say “indigent patients?” If so, just say” indigent patients!” Or, do you mean that you would treat patients for minor incidents in an area other than the emergency room setting, making it more cost effective?

2. Building revenue and volumes through the adoption of a patient centered delivery model that makes Jackson appealing to all potential patients

Comment: I’ve never heard of a hospital, public or private, whereby their primary focus was not on the patient. Jackson should be run as a business while its main focus is on patient care. However, Jackson will never be able to compete with other hospitals as it is presently structured.
What good is the service, if the new patient has to wait months just to make an appointment to see a primary physician? Why are they referred to the emergency room instead? The cost to see an emergency physician versus a primary physician is huge and who do you think will pay for these services? The taxpayers! It’s got to be a better way.

Jackson’s problem is “structure! structure! and structure!’ You can’t continue to look for different results, while maintaining the same status quo. Jackson is going to have to make major changes, which may include eliminating some positions. It will be painful but it is a necessary evil in order to tame the beast that Jackson has become.

Jackson needs at least two executives with top strategic management expertise to immediately restructure its “Finance” and “Human Resources Department.

Has anyone mapped out a tried and true successful building revenue and volume model to set your benchmarks at with similar circumstances as Jackson?

Paying and non-paying patients are already aware that Jackson Memorial Hospital is one of the finest in the country as well as the community. That’s not the problem! “Turning all this community appeal to dollars is the problem!

3. Using the Jackson Health Plan as a strategic asset to grow patient volumes.

Comment: The volume is already there! Accounting for the volume is the problem.

4. Reducing operating expenses through length of stay reductions, treating patients in the lowest cost setting, providing preventative and primary care services, increasing automation and improved information technology solutions, and enhancing patient flow through efforts.

Comment: This point sounds like a regurgitation of #1 with the exception of improved information technology, which is without a doubt, not cost effective to your cause.
Enhancing patient flow through efforts” sounds like a fragmented thought with no conclusion. Whose efforts? Exactly what is it that you are trying to say?

5. Assessing the current financial and operational agreement with the University of Miami to ensure that it meets its objectives, provides for timely care of all Jackson patients, and is equitable to both parties.

Comment: A cost analysis of Jackson should have been performed months ago to determine exactly where Jackson was generating the best return of the dollar as well as which departments consistently operated in the red.

6. Using public/private partnerships to provide capital to accelerate the strategic plan.

Comment: Once a strategic plan is in place and all the players have their assignments, generating and maintaining a positive cash flow should be priority number one.

Trust member, Stephen Null sent a letter last week to county and Jackson leaders recommending the formation of a small group to do a quick assessment and recommend fixes of Jackson problems.

Comment: By sending this letter is he saying that he is giving a vote of no confidence to the Sibery Group? Or is he saying he has come up with an alternative plan to resolve Jackson’s woes?

Well! My good people, what have you ascertain from the findings of the Sibery Group and do you feel that the six-keys to fixing Jackson plan were vague at best and lack substance?

See you at the next meeting!


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