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Is the Tea Party working “For” or “Against” the American People?

I’m not the slightest bit worried about a government shutdown,” Tea Party supporter Robin Maas said at a March 31 rally in Washington. “I think we find out that there are many things government does that we really don’t need to keep this country going. And a government shutdown would actually save us some money.

We can’t impose our will on the Senate,” Boehner said. “All we can do is fight for all the spending cuts that we can get an agreement to and spending limitations as well.” To some of the Tea Party faithful, that sounded like giving up. Kathy Dirr, an activist from Boehner’s Ohio district, had a message for the House Republican leadership: “Take off your lace panties” and push for deeper cuts, she said.

Fact Box

Democrats 21%
Independents 35%
Republicans 53%
Tea Party supporters 62%

Boehner’s Republican colleagues in Congress recognize his conundrum. Conservative Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama acknowledged that the Tea Party movement may not “understand all the realities of Washington politics,” but on the substance of the issues — the need to reduce the size of government and bring down spending — “they are right fundamentally,” he told the ABC program “This Week” on Sunday.

House Speaker John Boehner appears to be caught between a rock and a hard place. Boehner’s hands appear to be tied by the “Tea Party Nation Founder, Judson Phillips, who has solicited via internet possible candidates to run against Boehner, if he doesn’t adhere to their demands. One of which is “They want to Shut Down the Government.”

I have been following Boehner for awhile now to evaluate his progress and to see if he really loves his country as much as he appears too by way of his emotions and other body language. If John Boehner loves his country, then we will see by his actions not lack of action.

As Mr. Boehner so eloquently stated, he aspired his entire life to be in the position that he finds himself in today. It would be a pity or even robbery for him to finally achieve what he has worked for all his life to be taken away by someone with half his experience, no real leadership skills and only taking directions from someone else with a hidden agenda.

House Speaker John Boehner, stand your ground and proceed based on what you know will be good for all Americans and not allow anyone to set you up to take the fall for a few ill intentioned members with hidden agenda’s, who really don’t have your best interest at heart. You know as well as I know, that in the end, if the Federal Government is shutdown, their names will not suffer at all but your name will be dragged through the mud, from which you may never recover. Who then would profit from such a feat?

The American public understands that there a two factions on Capital Hill, however, they expect both parties to always have the greater good in mind when making decisions with lasting consequences. The voters didn’t send their representatives to Capital Hill to succumb to blackmail but to stand up to their foes and do the right thing!

I’m saying, Man-Up! House and Man-Up! Senate and do what you promise your constituents that you would do for them and that is protect, serve and help lead this great nation, not run and hide and continue with the blame game.

Remember! 2012 is right around the corner and we will remember who actually worked for us and who worked against us, including the tea party members.


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