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Dealing Realistically with the Budget … Can You Stand the Pain?

Think about it! Before you shout about it! It could be you on the receiving end of the budget cut.

Those who cry “Cut the Budget!” then get upset when you’re hand a pink slip. Look at it as you’re doing your part to trim the budget. Or, will you say, “I meant cut someone else’s job,” only someone else is “Y.O.U.!” Will you still cry “cut the budget?”

What about going to the “store” … less food on the shelf and less cashiers … Budget Cut?

What about waiting for the “bus” …. Instead of it coming every ½ hour — it comes every hour … Budget Cut?

What about the wait time in the emergency room at a “Public Hospital” … instead of 12 hrs. It’s now 24 hrs. – Budget Cut?

What about having to decide between” Food and Medicine” … Budget Cut?

What about finding alternative care for your “Elderly Family Member” … because the Neighborhood Senior Center closed … Budget Cut?

What about paying for a babysitter for”After School Care” … Program discontinued … Budget Cut?

What about all the “utilities” going up …. Company needs to make up the shortfall; they pass it on to the consumer … Budget Cut?

What about the norm of having to take on the responsibilities of three positions…. The other two were laid off … Budget Cut?

What about your “Federal or Unemployment Check”, two weeks late … Budget Cut?

You get the picture!!! Balancing the budget will not be without some personal pain on everybody’s part except those who will be making the decision to cut Y.O.U.R. budget !!!


April 9, 2011 - Posted by | Community News

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