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“Can You Hear Me Now! … You’re in the same boat! … Can You Hear Me Now!!!”

While I listen attentively to the Republicans and Democrats go at it like “Crabs in a Bucket,” I can’t help but wonder if they realize that they live in the same United States.

I think it would behoove both parties to remember that they are in the same bucket and what affects one party will surely affect the other. I don’t think that there is an East & West America, yet?

However, if the dollar crash and burn like a freight train on the wrong tracks, the affects will be non-discriminatory and immediate.

Remember, the dollar knows no party affiliation and will show no mercy or discretion to the rich or the poor and is not politically persuaded to the left or the right and will dissipate like yesterday ashes.

Then, my friend! It will no longer matter which side of the fence you stand! The party’s over. You’re all in the same boat, to stroke together or go down together, still shouting, “I’m Right… No! I’m Right!” Either, you figure out a way to survive together or you sink together. After all! It’s only one America.

“Can You Hear Me Now … Oh! I forgot … You’re on vacation … in that same boat!”


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The American Public needs to see “Real not Fathom Solutions” to the Budget!

The time has come where the rubber meets the road! Over a trillion dollars is still committed to pork projects, so let’s start from the obvious. Every representative needs to take a hard look at their expense account and should be mandated to cut it at least by 50 percent.

Internal auditors should already be in the process of evaluating every single account, line by line and its existence should be justified and if it can’t be justified, it should be eliminated. People! We are in the critical stages of life support for respectability and sustainability throughout the world.

At this very moment, the international guard eyes are on every move that our administration make. The IMF has its hands on the trigger and at a moments notice ready to introduce SDR’s as the new international currency. Once this happens, you can take your dollars and use it for wall paper or better yet, gift wrapping paper of times gone by.

The administration and the other players can agree to disagree all they want too, but if they lose focus and continue to bicker pass the deadline and fail to act in respect to the debt ceiling, they all should just pack their bags and go back to their respective home bases and confine themselves to “house arrest” until the new administration is elected in 2012.

I don’t know about you! but I’m sick of all the political posturing, the name calling, the blame game, the power struggle, the one up on you, the I’ll show you speech…. E.NO.U.G.H! I’ve heard enough “Political Demagoguery” to last me two lifetimes!

Walter E. Williams, PhD, is the John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., served as commentator for WorldNetDaily, wrote a thought provoking piece on “Political Demagoguery” in an issue published October 20, 2004, and so eloquently stated that “Politicians have a field day misleading Americans who, as a result of having been dumb down by our education system, can’t think, reason or analyze.”

At first, it sounds condescending…after a little soul searching, you must admit, there is an element of truth in this statement and sometimes the truth hurt.

Furthermore, Suze Orman, internationally acclaimed personal finance expert and currently during a series on “The Money Class” has challenged every one of us to do what? “Stand in Your Truth!” so I’m challenging the powers on Capital Hill to “Stand in Their Truth!” and stop lying to the American public. Lay it all out on the table and tell the public the truth about how the money is really allocated and what they are really going to do or not do about fixing this mess, then “Put-Up! Or Shut-Up!

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