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“Can You Hear Me Now! … You’re in the same boat! … Can You Hear Me Now!!!”

While I listen attentively to the Republicans and Democrats go at it like “Crabs in a Bucket,” I can’t help but wonder if they realize that they live in the same United States.

I think it would behoove both parties to remember that they are in the same bucket and what affects one party will surely affect the other. I don’t think that there is an East & West America, yet?

However, if the dollar crash and burn like a freight train on the wrong tracks, the affects will be non-discriminatory and immediate.

Remember, the dollar knows no party affiliation and will show no mercy or discretion to the rich or the poor and is not politically persuaded to the left or the right and will dissipate like yesterday ashes.

Then, my friend! It will no longer matter which side of the fence you stand! The party’s over. You’re all in the same boat, to stroke together or go down together, still shouting, “I’m Right… No! I’m Right!” Either, you figure out a way to survive together or you sink together. After all! It’s only one America.

“Can You Hear Me Now … Oh! I forgot … You’re on vacation … in that same boat!”


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