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Parents: Protect Your Children; Give them Pre-Paid Check Cards … NOT CASH!!!

As I watched the news report of two young teenagers robbed inside of a Coral Springs Mall, I wondered, “How could that have been prevented?”

The news reporter stated that the robbers watched the teenagers purchase the expensive tennis shoes and leave the store with the remaining monies, upwards of a $100, followed them out of the store and made the teenagers give up that money, in addition to persuading them, after displaying a gun in their waistband, to return their new purchase to the store for cash.

The teenagers said that they were afraid that they would be shot and possibly lose their life. I believe that if the parents felt comfortable giving the teenagers that amount of cash, then perhaps, in the future, for the safety of the teenagers and the sanity of the parents, a pre-paid check card would be more appropriate.

I believe that the parents should give the teenagers no more than $20.00, for the bus, eating out, etc., but no more than that.

Unfortunately, it is a sign of the times, whereby, you can get robbed inside of a busy shopping mall. It’s best to be informed and not alarmed for our safety and the safety of our children.


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