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Julio Robaina & Luther Campbell: Strange Bedfellows

Luther Campbell Endorsement of Julio Robaina

Can anyone say paid endorsement? It was rather embarrassing to see Julio Robaina attempt to explain the noticeably absent Luther Campbell from the press conference that should have highlighted Campbell publicly endorsing Robaina.

After waiting what appeared to be almost two hours, Robaina had no choice but to show the signed agreement from Campbell. When Luther Campbell finally showed up, almost two hours late, he appeared to be a bit disheveled and not really sure whether he wanted to endorse Robaina or Gimenez.

In his endorsement, he repeatedly stated that both Gimenez and Robaina were both good candidates for mayor. It’s not everyday that you have someone to endorse you and all they talk about is your rival. Strange Bedfellows!

Say what you want, Luther Campbell is a shrewd businessman and if he showed up to endorse anyone, you better believe that there is something beneficial in it for him. If a deal was sealed with an endorsement, then that was clearly in violation of the law.

If the deal was discussed and caught on tape, Robaina‘s chances for Mayor have been greatly diminished. But then again, this is Miami, where anything goes and nobody knows or better yet, is willing to talk about it.


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