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Brian Lee, 39, now former-Director of the Florida Long-term Care Ombudsman Program, was abruptly terminated from his position of seven years by Governor Rick Scott, after requesting that the 677 nursing homes across the State of Florida reveal detailed information on ownership stakes. The information he requested is protected under the new Federal Healthcare legislation, which was designed to show greater transparency and accountability.

As Lee continued to insist on transparency, his relationship between the directors and CEO’s grew increasing volatile. What is the head of these nursing/retirement home industries hiding?

Periodically, Lee would pay an impromptu visit to the nursing/retirement homes and found evidence of poor conditions, which consisted of insect infestations, rotten food, crumbling furniture and other conditions that create a dangerous environment for the frail and elderly and placed them in harms way.

Unfortunately, Florida is a “Right to Work State” and it’s not unusual for the new administration to act under pressure without full disclosure of all the facts.

“It’s good to be reminded that “It always look easy when someone else is doing it!


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