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217,657 Citigroup accounts infiltrated by Hackers


Citigroup discovered on May 10 that hackers had gained access through its Account Online system that services its North America Citigroup credit card accounts issued in the United States.

The hackers gained access to the customer’s names, account numbers and contact information, including e-mail addresses.

Fortunately, the hackers weren’t able to access any social security numbers, dates of birth, card expiration dates or card security code, which would be useful in identity theft.

Citigroup promptly notified the police and government officials, immediately following the discovery, and placed internal fraud alerts and enhanced monitoring on all the accounts deemed at risk. Due to an ongoing investigation by law enforcement, Citigroup cannot disclose further details regarding how the data breach occurred. However, Citigroup reassured its customer that they will not be liable for any unauthorized use of their cards and urged them to carefully review their account statements and report any suspicious transactions.

This is just the latest in a series of high-profile data attacks against big companies and institutions in recent weeks. Other big companies that have in infiltrated by hackers include Google,Inc., and Sony Corp’s Play Station Network were also the victims of hackers that affected in excess of 100 million online accounts.


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