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Listen up Single Ladies … Paul Gutierrez is ready to “Put a Ring on It!”

Ready to Put a Ring on It!

Paul is "Ready to put a Ring on It!"

Listen up Single Ladies … Paul Gutierrez is ready to put a ring on it… and get married! Yes! You read it here first!

For all the single ladies, whose biological clocks are ticking, Paul Gutierrez, 38, Elgin, Illinois native, might be your man!

It’s not that Mr. Gutierrez is not trying to find true love on his own, but he has had a string of bad luck.

Mr. Gutierrez once went on a date with a mail-order bride and the date apparently was so bad that the would-be-bride climbed out a window in the middle of their date.

Another instance, Mr. Gutierrez dressed up as a moose to catch the attention of a woman he admired, but that fail through, also. He even tried dating sites, but he realized that it would take him to long to find his true love.

Mr. Gutierrez became so desperate for a date that he turned to giving to various charitable organizations in hope that one of the ladies would find him interesting and give him a second glance.

Mr. Gutierrez states that he will be willing to donate half of his annual salary, approximately $10,000 – $20,000 to the charity of the person’s choice, or walk across the country in a wedding dress to raise money for a charitable cause. Walking in a tuxedo might bring him more money and perhaps keep out of harms way.

No, this not a June Joke! Mr. Gutierrez is willing to put his money where his mouth is and let his walking do the talking for him. This story is not made up! it’s 100 percent true. Mr. Gutierrez is hoping that giving half of salary to a charity for a year will spark some interest in him and he and the love of his life will ride into the sunset and live happily ever after.

Oh! Don’t Forget! To tell Mr. Gutierrez that you read it here first. I’m getting my list of charities ready for his contribution. Alright Paul! Clean yourself up! I know you are going to be bombarded with hundreds of offers! Best of Luck to You!!!

** To the Single Ladies – Always do a background check when dating anyone of interest. It takes less than 15 minutes on the computer to at least find out the basic facts about a potential friend or mate. Date safely and always take the proper precaution.**


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