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Carlos Gimenez vs. Julio Robaina: Shake Hands and come out Fighting!

Carlos Gimenez vs. Julio Robaina

Gimenez and Robaina are coming down to the home stretch, the gloves are coming off and each corner realizes that it’s now “Put Up or Shut-Up! … Show me what you’re working with time!

The race for Mayor will be closer than you think! The deciding factors will be two fold. First; who will the Latino community decide to caucus with and two; who will the non-Spanish speaking constituents, decide to align themselves with? At the moment, it appears that the vote could go either way.

While early voting is now under way, a great majority of voters will not decide on their candidate until June 28th, the official voting day. The Miami Herald shows that Gimenez is in a commanding lead, but past experience have dictated that polls can be misleading. Nothing is a sure thing until the last vote is officially counted.

While questions have been raised about Robaina’s personal integrity and business dealings, Gimenez, having already served as former county commissioner represents more of the same. The question remains, “What is the same?”

In order for the voters to cast an intelligent vote, “they must begin to dig beyond the regular recommendations and political rhetoric.” Seek to find out what is the past history of each candidate based on record, not political demagoguery, favoritism or broken promises, but whose record –to-date, is tried and true and who would make the best candidate and mayor for all the people. Remember, a person’s history dictates their future, “Good or Bad!”

Before casting your vote, examine each candidate closely, what can he offer the community? Are he and his support staff capable of delivering on his promises? Will he be accessible to his constituents’ beyond June 28th?

Remember! The power is in the vote. Do your homework and then, Go Vote!”

“Your Vote is Your Voice!” … “Get out to Vote!!!


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