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Andrea Fleary: DCF Investigator Dismissal in the Barahona Case Upheld

Little Nubia Barahona

Andrea Fleary, a 22-year former Department of Children and Families investigator was dismissed in March as a result of her negligence and the attention the case received nationally.

Fleary said in an interview that she made no mistakes in her investigation, citing unjust dismissal, influenced by politics and publicity. However, The Public Employees Relations Commission ruled on June 7th that DCF “had cause to discipline Fleary.” Fleary has 30 days to appeal the commission’s decision to the District Court of Appeals.

Andrea Fleary responsibilities included responding too allegations of alleged abuse and staying in close contact with the adopted parents, Jorge and Carmen Barahona, who also had four other children in the home , in addition too Nubia and Victor, the 10 year old twins.

Fleary was the investigator in charge of making timely visits to the Barahona residence and reporting her findings to DCF.

Unfortunately, after Fleary completed her investigation, Nubia’s body was later found in the back of her adopted father’s truck and her brother was found badly burned in the front seat and in need of emergency medical care in February.

Subsequently, Jorge Barahona was arrested in February and Carmen Barahona arrested in March have been charge with first-degree murder along with other felony charges stemming from the incident.


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