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You be the Judge! Is this Law and Order or Law and Disorder?

Scales of Justice

The names will be changed to protect the not so innocent. Here is the scenario:

My friend was dismissed from her job for going by the letter of the law. She was approached by her superiors including her own boss to play like everyone else, which included co-horting with the opposite sex to secure her job in these uncertain times.

Fortunately or unfortunately for her, she stuck to her belief and her religion and resisted the works of evil. However, due to politics as it is, they ultimately relieved her from her job because she would not play along to get along and she consistently rejected their offer to go drinking on Friday’s or have illicit affairs with her superiors, as was the case with many but not all of her peers.

Before she was finally dismissed, she had to write a memo in order to receive even a minuet pencil, while her other peers just went to the facilities department and ask and was given pencils, pens, papers, batteries etc.

My friend’s life was also threaten by one of her co-workers, [unbeknownst to her, before she was advised by her supervisor] and that same co-worker is still working on the job. My friend told me that her boss said “don’t worry about it” that Mary would take care of it. Audrey was in the room with my friend and Mary and is a witness to what was discussed.

After the meeting about someone threatening her life, she went back to the office and confided with several of her workers as to what took place in the meeting.

After several weeks of sexual harassment by her boss and her boss’s boss, they finally figured out a way to have her dismissed from her job. Budget time was coming and they had to trim the budget. What better way to get rid of my friend and keep the players’. Even if it meant having two employees do the same work that she performed alone.

She could have informed someone in authority outside of her agency as what was really happening under their nose, but choose to be silent.

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “If the walls could talk?”

But, what if the walls could talk? It would bring the entire organization to its knee’s, starting with the very top person. If the walls could talk, it would tell you all about the sex and partner switching antics inside a government building, married superiors fighting over their subordinates, along with the drugs, illicit deals with other professionals and all the other antics consistent with the mafia not the government.Days of Our Lives” and “As the World Turn,” have nothing on this organized and corrupted group of administrators.

My friend said that she would give me their names but it would take up an entire page in and of itself, but you know who you are and you know how you got there!

Is this law and order or law and disorder? You be the judge!


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