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Charged with “Vehicle Burglary” at the age of 11; and this is not his first rodeo!

An undercover police officer caught an 11-year old boy breaking into a car, located in the North Miami Beach, Toys-R-Us– parking lot and arrested him Thursday afternoon. The young boy was arrested and charged with vehicle burglary and taken to the Juvenile Assessment Center, according to police Maj. Kathy Katerman

The incident actually began a day earlier when police and store management, located at 551 NE 167th St., chased three young juveniles spotted checking door handles and peering into the windows of cars to see if someone has accidentally left their car unlocked. On Thursday, a three-person undercover crime suppression team was in place around 5:00p.m., when the 11-year-old was videotaped entering a locked Dodge Caravan.

The real questions should be: Son, where is your father? And where is your mother? Father, do you know where your son is? Mother, do you know where your child is? Are there problems in the home causing this child to act out? A case worker should immediately be assigned to this family and the parents should be ordered by the court, “Yes, ordered by the court to take parenting classes.”

Mandatory parenting classes in the State of Florida should not be restricted to children, whose parents are in the process of divorce. Parents, who find their child or children at the “assessment center”, should also be required by law to attend parenting classes. This should be looked at as “preventive counseling.” These children need “HELP NOW!”

Someone needs to get in contact with Sandy Lonergan, Court Administrator, Administrative Office of the Courts and coordinate a meeting with Judge Cindy S. Lederman, Juvenile Court and Dr. Gary Neuman, to research and develop a “Parenting Classes” specifically designed for juveniles’ and their parents that find themselves at the assessment center.

As many already know, Dr. Gary Neuman is a world renowned and respected counselor and published author of various children and parenting manuals, who currently reside in Miami Beach, and has had the pleasure of being featured on the “Oprah Winfrey Show” many times. This would be considered a proactive approach to “youth crime prevention” that mandates that the parents be active participants in the process. A similar model would be the Drug Court Program, tailored specifically for people with substance abuse issues.

Police said after gaining entry into the vehicle, he reached inside and took cash and coins from the center console before his arrest. This is not the first rodeo for this young man; he has a prior burglary record at the tender age of 11. “Father, where is your son? Mother, where is your child?”


June 25, 2011 - Posted by | Community News

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