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Howard: The Man who frequently travels only in Women’s Lingerie and High Heel Shoes!

Howard, a 65-year-old Phoenix man showed up at the Fort Lauderdale airport dressed to make the TSA’s job of searching passengers easier. You see! Howard is a male and showed up at the airport in women’s lingerie, black stockings, high-heeled shoes and a see through white wrap to cover his bra. He accessorized his outfit with a black choker and a wristwatch.

Was Howard dressed to impress or dressed to stress, the measures that one will go through to ease their anxiety or bring attention too being searched by a TSA agent?

Where does the airport draw the line, when it comes to free expression or the act of free expression and what happens, when free expression goes overboard or becomes offensive to the other passengers en route to the same destination? What about the children, boarding the plane with their parents?

Whenever you don’t have clear and concise clothing guidelines for acceptable and unacceptable attire, you will always find someone willing and able to push the line and force you to define, in black and white, exactly what will be tolerated and what will get you bounced from the airport. If there are no rules in writing, then the public is under the impression, “that anything goes!”

Greg Meyer, an airport spokesman said that there is no dress code that would prevent Howard or anyone else from flying in lingerie as long as it does not compromise the safety of the flight or fellow passengers. There’s not a lot we can say or do,” Meyer said, “It’s a very diverse community, and people come in all sorts of garb.”

Yet, a few days later, another passenger by the name of Dashon Marman, 20, University of New Mexico football player, was booked on suspicion of trespassing, battery and resisting arrest for refusing to pull up his sagging pants. Would it have been easier if he would have taken off his pants altogether, if he had on undergarments, since there are no rules? Who decides which passenger will be passed through and which one will be given other directives? And how do you keep this discretionary judgment equal for all?

Valerie Wunder, a spokeswoman for U.S. Airways, said Marman was removed from the flight because he refused to comply with the crew’s instructions. On the other hand, Howard said he frequently flies while dressed in women’s undergarments to break the monotony of commercial flights. On the rare occasions when crews ask him to cover up, he obliges.

According to Wunder, “Our crew is authorized to exercise discretion to ensure the comfort and safety of all our passengers.” Wunder refused to fully identify Howard because she said, to do so would violate his privacy, which remains intact, save for the virally viewed photos on the internet.


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