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And Then There Were Two: Robaina vs. Gimenez

Today is Election Day. Polls open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Don’t forget to go to your assigned precinct and bring a picture ID. If you encounter any problems call Voter Hotline at (305) 376-4050.

The two candidates spend the last hours crisscrossing the county making their final pitches, trying to sway the last minute voters to vote for them. The race will no doubt be a close one as both candidates have faithful followers in each camp. The difference in numbers will be the candidate that were effective in swaying the non-speaking Spanish community to vote for him.

Following an appearance on Telemiami, on Monday, Gimenez stood in front of Allen Drugs at a busy Bird Road intersection waving as drivers passed by, while Robaina campaigned in Miami Beach and Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood.

The victor of today’s race has to hit the ground running as time will not be their friend. There are some luminous problems, like dark clouds in the sky, forecasted over his head and threatening to rain down on him and his administration, like the next horrific hurricane.

One of the many issues that he will have to tackle is Jackson Memorial Hospital and all the good, bad and the ugly problems that he will inherit.

Another issue will be negotiating with 10 different unions and understanding the unique concerns in each of the unions, while meeting a specific deadline, as required by law.

There will be little time for victory parties. The constituents’ of Miami-Dade County expect to see the new mayor hard at work, turning the county around for the better.

Remember: “Your Vote is Your Voice.” It is very important for every registered voter to cast their vote for their candidate of choice, because the winner will represent all of Miami-Dade County not just a particular section of Miami-Dade.

“Get out to vote!” and take another registered voter with you; its part of your civic duty and you will be doing your part to keep AMERICA strong. If you have the day off, assist in getting those without transportation to the polls.

Get out to Vote! Get out to Vote! Get out to Vote!


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