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George Anthony is on the brink of telling the Truth!!!

The secret that Mr. Anthony is trying to keep is eating him up alive. He is trying to subdue himself but the shame and guilt of what he knows is the truth! is about to over power him. He needs to come clean and just let it all out and tell the court what his involvement was and why he seems to be taking the death of little Caylee Marie so much harder than anyone else, including Casey, herself.


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Can we talk about the Health Care Issue?

There are people on both sides of the fence voicing their opinion about the government mandating that everyone have some type of health plan in the near future. Some say “where do I sign up?” while others say “no way! And you can’t make me!”

Where do you think the people that is saying “no way and you can’t make me are going?” I can tell you without a doubt that 95% of them are showing up in the emergency room at one of Jackson’s facilities.

Why? Because they have already been to the other hospitals and the other hospitals give them a couple of aspirins and quickly refer them to their private physician, which they don’t have, and wallow! Jackson Memorial, here they come. That’s a fact! You know it and I know it!

Why do you think that happens? Because the patient is either indigent/ un-insured and the for-profits hospital do not want to incur the expense of indigent care. Ask around! Ask the area hospitals to put a percentage on how much is allocated in their budget to treat the indigent/un-insured?

On the record, I’m sure that they will come up with a figure that sounds practical and looks good in print. But, off the record! They’ll laugh in your face and remind you that they are a for-profit hospital.

People, you need to face the hard truth! Everyone that’s breathing needs at least the care of a primary physician. Without it! The indigent/uninsured patient put their life at greater risk, if they arrive at the hospital unconscious and unable to speak, the attending physician has to start from the beginning. If it’s a true emergency, time will work against you.

If the patient has at least primary health care, then the attending physician at the hospital has a head start by consulting their doctor, thus saving valuable time and money,(that you don’t have since you’re either indigent or uninsured) possibly your life or the life of your love ones.

I understand the rich or those with insurance objecting to mandatory insurance because they already have it or can afford to pay out of their pocket for it. But if you’re poor, unemployed or underemployed, can you really afford not to at least have a primary care physician?

Do you really want to place your life in the hands of strangers when a life or death situation arises or do you want to have at least a fighting chance with a primary care physician who knows you as a person and not just a social security number?

People, you have to deal with reality, which means” the way it is, not the way you want it to be!”

Sometimes! The truth hurts!!! … but the truth is necessary!

The time to address this issue is now! Later, maybe too late!!!

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Casey Anthony’s Trial: Will the truth ever be known?

Even after the trial is over, will you ever learn the truth? With the father covering for the son and mother for Casey, and Casey not testifying, yet another family secret will be buried in all the souls’ of the Anthony’s. This is a quintessential case of “whodunnit?”

It appears that not only does Casey drift from fantasy to reality; her immediate family is also in the same mental state of mind. The truth is convoluted by so many lies; it is almost impossible, even with circumstantial evidence to even point to the origination of the crime.

The public is very much aware that a crime was committed against little Caylee Marie. The problem is however, when, where, how and by whom? None of which appears to be clear because you can’t get a definitive answer out of any of the witnesses.

It would take a “Miracle from God!” to untangle this sordid Anthony’s web.

There is so much about this case that is un-said but is obvious by body language, behavior and demeanor.

“Not everything is written in Black and White,” Sometimes “it’s written in blood!”

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Congratulations Mayor Carlos Gimenez! Now, get to work!

The challenges ahead are not for the weak and timid. Gimenez will have to make decisive actions on some major projects. With the county budget bleeding money every day, bandage approaches will not be sufficient. The changes made going forward will have to be permanent.

One of the issues that he should immediately address is the size of government. With so many cities incorporating from under the county’s umbrella and taking their valuable tax dollars with them, it has created a significant hole in the budget for Miami-Dade.

While 30,000 employees were necessary to operate the government 10 years ago, that number is not necessary today. That’s a Fact! Going forward, Gimenez will keep some old friends, gain some new friends and create some friends/enemies and straight out enemies along the way.

He will not be able to please everybody and they will come to know that it’s not personal, even when it’s personal, it’s just business; and he will have to perform his job with as much tact and diplomacy as possible, expecting to take some hits along the way. This is not just a prescription for Gimenez; the same methodology would apply had it been Robaina.

It’s the nature of the beast and Gimenez must know that from today and going forward, he will be standing in “the eye of the tiger!” the tiger being the budget and it’s components.

Because Gimenez was a former commissioner having dealt in the past with the same issues that he now faces as Mayor, it should not take him long to surround himself with the people, who will gather the necessary facts and figures to help him stop the bleeding and resurrect life with a balance budget for Miami-Dade County and a plan in place to push him through 2012 and beyond, based on transparency and accountability.

The road ahead will be tough, but you promised your constituents’, all of your constituents that you are the man for the plan!

“The constituents hats are off too you! And their confidence lies in you! Now let’s see what you will do, too prove yourself worthy?”

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Amtrak Survivors recount Deadly Crash

As the train eased down the tracks, truck driver Valli, 43 of Winnemucca, were barreling in the trains’ direction, even as the crossing flashing lights warned him it was approaching.

“I looked up the north side and I saw smoke, and I looked down the other side, and I saw flames and the side of the train ripped back like a sardine can” said Jim Bickley, a property manager from El Dorado Hills, California. “People were trying to jump out of the emergency windows, and there was panic all around.”

Some of the passengers, like Hill, jumped through windows, to avoid the towering inferno bellowing into a double-decker car at a rural highway crossing just east of Reno on Friday.

Robert Hill’s mind keeps replaying the image from the smoke-filled Amtrak passenger car: He tried in vain to coax an elderly woman down from the upper deck after he escaped the burning train. “I was telling her to jump out the window, but she never did, and she went out of sight,” said Hill, a professor from Taylorsville, Miss., who survived the horrific collision between a tractor-trailer and an Amtrak train in Nevada’s high desert.

“I remember her frail arms hanging out the window. I’ll never know whether she made it out alive or not.”

About 20 people were injured in the crash, pulled to safety or left to stumble out of the burning wreckage into the desert, where they walked to the nearest road.

One passenger remained unaccounted for; investigators aren’t sure whether the person was on the train at the time of the impact.

At least five people aboard the California-bound Amtrak were killed, as was the truck driver. Among those killed were 58-year-old Francis Knox and 18-year-old daughter, Karly Knox, of Seward, Neb., the Nevada Highway Patrol said.

Marissa Knox escaped the train with no serious injuries said family spokesman Lowell Myers.

As federal investigators probe a football-field length of skid marks seeking to explain the truck driver’s last seconds, records released Monday paint a picture of a divorced father scraping by, who despite his years as a professional driver, had a spotty driving record in multiple states.

“At the time of the crash, National Transportation Safety Board member Earl Weener said Valli was going at a considerable speed” in a 70 mph zone before the crash, and added that federal investigators were examining the truck wheels, tires and brakes for details of the exact speed and the trucks braking capacity.

Forensic anthropologists, law enforcement officials and federal investigators have yet to pinpoint why the trucker, Valli, 43, of Winnemucca, kept bearing down in the train’s direction, even as the crossing’s flashing lights warned him it was approaching.

NTSB investigators said the train engineer saw the truck approaching. He slammed on the emergency brakes, but the train, which was going about 78 mph in an 80-mph zone, traveled another half mile before it finally stopped. The engineer watched through his rearview mirror as the truck smashed through the crossing’s warning gates and into one of the train’s 10 cars.

The 2008 Peterbilt tractor towing two empty side dump trailers hit the train so hard it embedded itself in the rail car.

Federal investigators, who located Valli’s cell phone in the rubble and will check it and call records to see if he might have been distracted, said the driver’s professional commercial driving record “is an area we will be taking a very close look at.”

Weener said it could take up to a year to pinpoint the cause of the crash.

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