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Casey Anthony’s Trial: Will the truth ever be known?

Even after the trial is over, will you ever learn the truth? With the father covering for the son and mother for Casey, and Casey not testifying, yet another family secret will be buried in all the souls’ of the Anthony’s. This is a quintessential case of “whodunnit?”

It appears that not only does Casey drift from fantasy to reality; her immediate family is also in the same mental state of mind. The truth is convoluted by so many lies; it is almost impossible, even with circumstantial evidence to even point to the origination of the crime.

The public is very much aware that a crime was committed against little Caylee Marie. The problem is however, when, where, how and by whom? None of which appears to be clear because you can’t get a definitive answer out of any of the witnesses.

It would take a “Miracle from God!” to untangle this sordid Anthony’s web.

There is so much about this case that is un-said but is obvious by body language, behavior and demeanor.

“Not everything is written in Black and White,” Sometimes “it’s written in blood!”


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  1. It’s not a whodunnit…………’s a howdshedoit!!!! GUILTY! Sadly, she will probably go to
    her grave still concealing the truth………………………

    Comment by one4truth | June 29, 2011 | Reply

  2. Sadly! is right! Casey will no doubt take this mystery to her grave.

    Comment by brp305 | June 29, 2011 | Reply

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