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George Anthony is on the brink of telling the Truth!!!

The secret that Mr. Anthony is trying to keep is eating him up alive. He is trying to subdue himself but the shame and guilt of what he knows is the truth! is about to over power him. He needs to come clean and just let it all out and tell the court what his involvement was and why he seems to be taking the death of little Caylee Marie so much harder than anyone else, including Casey, herself.


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  1. I don’t see that he’s taking Caylees death hard. I see a man who is not a very good actor. I expect to see red swollen eyes, running nose and maybe even a quivering chin when someone breaks into sobs. I did not see any of that on George Anthony’s face during his theatrical testimony.

    I also see a man who knows how to use his past experience and knowledge of the law.

    I have no idea why it took the media so long to see through him but they are finally starting to.

    I believe Casey is guilty, but I don’t think she’s guilty of murdering her daughter. I think she’s guilty of covering up her daughters hopefully accidental death. I also think she had help with this.

    Comment by JanJ | June 30, 2011 | Reply

    • I respectfully disagree with your comments in regards to George Anthony. I believe that Mr. Anthony is genuinely remorseful for the role that he played in helping Casey cover up this crime. I think his love for Casey clouded his judgement. However, he has had time to reflect on what happened that dreadful day and realizes that his actions after the fact was morally and criminally wrong. Unfortunately, he feels that he is in too deep to turn around now..

      I believe that Casey is guilty of drug (alcohol and/or controlled substance) abuse, gross culpable negligence, child-abuse, not reporting a death, covering-up a death, and tampering with evidence.

      I believe that George is guilty of “accessory after the fact” and “covering-up a crime” as well as” tampering with evidence.”

      I belive that Casey’s mother is guilty of “perjury” in an attempt to create doubt in the eyes of the Jury

      I believe that Casey’s brother played no part in the cover-up.

      Comment by brp305 | July 3, 2011 | Reply

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