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Help! Boy Cried: “I’m out to lunch! Lifeguard responded.”

Chills run up and down my spine at the thought of a little boy crying out for help to the lifeguard and the lifeguard saying, “I’m out to lunch!” Frantic, the little boy searched and found a second lifeguard, his response; “we’ll drag the pool later,” meaning after all the patrons went home for the day. Unfortunately, even that didn’t happen and Marie Joseph’s body lay lifeless at the bottom of a public-run pool for two days.

For two days, people continue to swim in a pool with the smell of death permeating through it! It’s hard to fathom so many people in the pool on two separate occasions and not one person mentioned that the pool had a strange odor to it.

One of the many questions, yet to be answered is “did either of the lifeguards write an incident report referring to the missing woman or at the very least, relay this information to their superiors? Why did it take two days to discover Marie Joseph’s body? How murky must the waters get before you declare it unsafe to swim in? and who is in charge of supervising the lifeguards?

Six lifeguards were on duty at the pool in Fall River, the day Marie Joseph accidently brushed her body alongside a young boy and never resurface, yet not one of the lifeguards found the little boys plea for help urgent enough to take immediate action.

Authorities have said that the 9-year-old, who has not been identified, told police that Joseph went down a slide into the deep end of the pool, grazing him before falling beneath the surface of the murky water.

The state medical examiner identified the cause of Joseph’s death as “asphyxiation by drowning.”

The investigation into the sequence of events is ongoing.


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