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Murder Trial concludes without Casey Anthony breaking her silence!

Even until the end, Casey Anthony kept the jurors and thousands of people watching in suspense. Will she break her silence and take the stand in her defense? Well, the jurors and public alike now know that she will have her defense team rest without saying a mumbling word.

Judging the different faces of Anthony, it’s hard to determine if she understands the gravity of the charges against her. You may look at the case one day and she appears as though, the case is about someone else and she is there as a mere spectator. You watch the next day and the court calls a recess so that Anthony can regain her composure.

The case is now in the hands of the jurors, and while both the prosecution and defense has rest their case, the jurors will have the last say.

Their decision will be based in part on the credibility of some of the key witnesses and the circumstantial evidence presented by the prosecution. It will be interesting to see if the jurors take Anthony’s decision not to testify as a sign of guilt or innocence.

After all was said and done, we still don’t know what really happened to little Caylee Marie. Will she speak to the jurors as they go over the facts or lack there of from the grave? Did the prosecution present enough circumstantial evidence to get a “Guilty” verdict out of the jurors? Or did the defense present just enough evidence to create doubt?

One thing is certain! An innocent little girl by the name of Caylee Marie Anthony lost her life on that dreadful day!!!


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