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Casey Anthony is Found Not Gulity of Two Counts of Murder and One Count of Aggravated Child Abuse!

Casey Anthony was found “NOT GUILTY” on two counts of Murder and One Count of Aggravated Child Abuse, which is counts 1,2 and 3.

Casey Anthony was found “GUILTY” of counts 4,5,6 and 7, which is “PROVIDING FALSE INFORMATION TO A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER.”

After announcing the verdict, you could tell that everyone that was in the courtroom and all that were within ear shot of hearing the verdict with the exception of Casey Anthony and her defense team was in shock.

So it appears that what really happened to little Caylee Marie will never be known.

Apparently, Anthony’s defense team planted just enough seed to create doubt in the minds the jurors and they also felt that the prosecution did not prove their case.

The jurors held a press conference in front of the courthouse to again reiterate they were pleased with their verdict of “Not Guilty!” They were all smiling, so they apparently didn’t have any doubt as to which way they would vote.

Casey was able to escape the death penalty along with a life sentence as it results to the verdict of the jury.

Jury Perry asked the clerk to fingerprint Casey for the record of the charges that she was found guilty of. Judge Perry also ask the defense team,”what day would you like sentencing, Thursday or Friday, and the defense team responded Thursday.”

“Thursday at 9:00 A.M., it will be stated Judge Perry!”


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