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“Who will Speak for Caylee Marie Anthony?”

“If children are not safe in their own home, then where can they be safe at?” And who will step up and speak out for them if they suspect abuse is occurring at the hands of one or both parents?

The jury for Casey Anthony delivered a “Not Guilty” verdict on the first three counts, which included “Murder, Manslaughter and Aggravated Child Abuse” but delivered a “Guilty Verdict” for counts 4, 5, 6, & 7, of “Providing False Information to a Law Enforcement Officer.”

How can you deliver a verdict on 4, 5, 6 & 7, if you didn’t acknowledge that a life was taken? So! What did she lie about if it wasn’t about the death of her child? And, how do you in good conscious separate the two?

The jurors found Casey “not guilty’ for aggravated child abuse, yet Caylee Marie is dead and will never come home again or have the opportunity to be adopted into a new family that would have loved, cared and nurtured her into maturity.

If Casey is “not guilty” of child abuse, when she gets out of jail, would she be able to tuck Caylee Marie in bed at night?

If Casey is “not guilty” of manslaughter can she tell Caylee Marie that hide and seek is over now and you can come out to grandma and grandpa.

If Casey is “not guilty’ of murder can she tell Caylee Marie to take the tape off her mouth and speak into the camera so that everyone will know that she is alright?

If Caylee Marie can’t do any of these things, then who took her right to play and grow, to discover boys and paint her nails, to experience her first kiss and later to go to her high school prom?

Who will speak for the forgotten little girl that somehow got lost in the legalities of the law and was not human enough to be an honorable mention in the eyes of the jurors?


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