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Casey Anthony referred to the jurors in a letter to a cellmate as “Dumb and Dumber!”

Defense attorney Jose Baez and Casey Anthony, hug after the jury acquitted her of murdering her daughter.

Casey Anthony will be released from jail on Wednesday, 07/13/2011 and will be free to lead whatever life she chooses. Caylee Marie Anthony will still be dead!

The jurors must feel pretty good knowing that Casey Anthony referred to them as “Dumb and Dumber” in a letter she wrote to a cellmate in jail.

Playing on the juror’s sympathy was not lost on Casey and she played them to the very end. Short of laughing out loud, the real Casey began to emerge this morning.

If Casey’s eyes could speak this morning as well as the “I got you smile!” it is obvious that she knows that she got away with a criminal act and the legal system can’t do anything about it.

Yes! Casey was certainly competent to stand trail and also star in her own movie at the same time and she did both brilliantly and will profit from even more “Dumb and Dumber!” people who are willing too, at this very moment buy her book or watch the movie that is sure to come!

So! Casey wants to have more children. The thought of that should make you ill! However, we live in a court of law. Sometimes, the jurors are on point and sometimes, they miss the mark. A child died and not even the issue of child abuse was raised! Please Jurors! Help the people understand, why not?

Would it have made a difference if it were their daughter or granddaughter that was found in the woods, dead? Help the public to understand what was going on in your minds! Did you even discuss the case at all?

But don’t forget! Casey did say that you were “dumb and dumber!”


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  1. Casey’s Remark if its true, about the Jurors being “dumb and dumber” doesn’t surprise me at All!
    She plays People and get away with it.
    She is laughing all Way to the Bank now, after All she was found Not Guilty in spite of All the Evidence the State presented. Even Casey was able to connect the Dots and probably couldn’t believe it when the Verdict came in.
    Well Casey A. got lucky again, now she can live the beautiful Life she was dreaming of, it doesn’t Matter that Caylee will never be with her again.
    That is in the Past for Casey, no time to waste, she can always get pregnant again if she so desires.
    Caylee was just an unwanted Trial Run for her.
    The Past will catch up with her sometime it might take a While, meanwhile she will laugh about all the dumb People who fell for All the BS she fed them, including her Defense Team.
    No One can stop her now thanks to All the People who let her walk away from murdering her Daughter Caylee,I guess that is something to be proud of.
    Myself I wouldn’t be able to sleep knowing I helped a Murderer walk the Streets. That of course is just my Opinion.

    Comment by Hilde | July 7, 2011 | Reply

  2. There really are no words to show the utter shock of a “Not Guilty” verdict on the most important charges, when a life was clearly taken. You can’t make sense of the verdict because it doesn’t make sense.

    More importantly to date, there are no statues in the law that forbid you to bury or discard the remains of a human being, under any circumstance and not be held liable. I’ve worked in the court system for 30 years and I just don’t get that!

    “Lord Have Mercy On All Our Souls!”

    Comment by brp305 | July 8, 2011 | Reply

  3. Dumb and dumber is the perfect way to describe that set of moron Jurors. The alternate were idiots as well.

    Comment by David Lowell | July 17, 2011 | Reply

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