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Casey Anthony: Book deal in the making!

Casey Anthony already has a book deal when she has her second child.

Anthony has dollar signs dancing in her head like its Christmas time in July!”

As she so eloquently stated in her jailhouse letters, “I’m a star and I need to get use to the pomp and circumstance of being a celebrity.”

It’s sad that Anthony can only focus on what she’s going to do next and how she is going to spend all that money from the “dumb and dumber” population that will feed into her sickness.

Anthony should consider the cost [Caylee Marie, the daughter she didn’t have time for] of having “Blood Money” and the price that Caylee paid every time she spends even a penny of that money.

Someone on Anthony’s defense team should tell her that she will never be a celebrity under these circumstances. The life of riches and notoriety that she envisions will always be stained with her daughter’s blood.

So Anthony wants to have a baby or adopt one from another country, why? Even with assistance from her parents, Caylee proved to be to much for her, so why would she place herself in a situation that she clearly has no interest in, with the exception of dollar signs on the dotted line?

Anthony is not waiting on a movie deal; she is already the star in her own movie. As she reiterated to her parents when they came to visit her in jail, “Why are you always talking about Caylee, what about me? My question is “What about you?”

So, now that she is soon to be a free woman, and is very skilled when it comes to “Lights, Camera and Action!” she will not share the spotlight with anyone. Her first order of the day, “I do not want to have any contact with my parents; thus denying her mother the right to visit her.

Unfortunately or fortunately, the parent’s mini but persuasive part in her movie is over. They’ve served their purpose. They were successful in creating doubt in the minds of the jurors, Thank you! Mother! Thank you! Father! Good-bye!

Yep! Costa Rica is looking better and better, maybe Anthony will take her visible yet mystery man with her. Can you hug me one more time? And when will you be joining me? She asked; as she exits the bank with dark sunglasses and passport in hand. See You Later, Suckers……


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  1. Casey is a 100% murderer……..Casey also stoled money from Caylee’s piggy bank, for her party life style..She is such a pile of crap……The Jury failed, because they did not spend the time connecting the dots and putting the pieces together…They were looking at it as a CSI TV show…In some murder cases there is little or no evidence, you have to put the pieces together..The scott Peterson case, There was little or no evidense and no murder weapon or cause of death.Scott Peterson was helping to look for his wife and unborn child. The jurors spent 2 weeks going over the information and Scott Peterson is on death row, where Casey belongs.If this Jury was trying that case Scott Peterson would be walking streets today..Crazy Caseys life should be hell on earth for what she did to that little girl CAYLEE….JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE..

    Comment by Chuck | July 8, 2011 | Reply

  2. Juror #3 stated that she really didn’t give credence to the state evidence since they couldn’t prove that a crime was committed. Exactly! What trial did she sit on as a juror?

    Unfortunately, I believe this was the sentiment of most if not all the jurors. With that said, I understand why it only took them 12 hours to deliberate. They obviously did not follow the instructions of Judge Perry, which is to review the evidence and then make a decision based on the evidence, not based on feelings or emotionals.

    Total miscarriage of justice! Release the names of the jurors! They so bodly stood outside the courtroom, smiling and one by one agreed that they had made the right decision. I wonder if today, 07/08/2011, they still feel that they made the right decision. They too, have innocent blood on their hands.

    I pray that they never have to sit in court and watch the state present their evidence to a jury that will decide the fate of someone on trial that harmed their love one. I pray that they never have to agonize over whether the jury can intelligently contact the dots and I pray at the end of the day, the jurors really can look at “the man and mirror” and not be ashamed to look back.

    Comment by brp305 | July 8, 2011 | Reply

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