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Miami-Dade County Budget: Take All the Entitlements Back!

Take-Home Vehicles Cost Miami Dade Millions

95% of Miami-Dade County Employees work 5 days-40 hours a week. So, why are they given perks and entitlements, county sponsored, to enjoy on their own time, that have nothing to do with the performance of their job?

The rule of thumb is! The higher you climb up the ladder the more perks you receive. Unfortunately, we are living in very different times and perks and entitlements are putting some of your co-workers in the unemployment lines and others are forcing financially sound departments to be eliminated forever.

“Drastic times call for drastic measures” That’s just the bottom line. So, if you had to choose, which would it be: Eliminate the perks and entitlements, all of them or stand a good chance at losing your job?

Yes, you read it right! “Perks or Jobs?” Think of it like the choice to vote. If you don’t vote, someone will make the decision for you. There is no time to present a lot of fluff over why you should make a choice, only that if you don’t make a choice, it will be made for you, period. No time for playing nice. “Drastic times call for drastic measures!”

Let’s take a quick look at some but not all perks but this is a good start:

1. Discretionary Expense Accounts – why? Each department is given a budget, why do you need discretionary funds – At taxpayer’s expense?

2. County sponsored cars / Gas Cards – why? Are you on 24 hour call – At taxpayer’s expense?

3. Laptop computers – why? Are you really going to work two or more hours at home- At taxpayer’s expense?

4. Mobile Phones – why? So that you can keep up with your family members – At taxpayer’s expense?

5. Complimentary Monthly Metro Passes – [normally given if you earn $100,000.00 or more} – why? [Everyone else has to pay their own way to and from work] – At taxpayer’s expense?

6. Work for 4 hours but get paid for 8 hours – why? What is it that you are doing away from the office that you can’t do at the office – At taxpayer’s expense? Just sayin’

7. Why do you charge the county overtime to read your emails? – At taxpayer’s expense?

8. Who approves the department that gives each other raises every 3 months until they reach a certain level? – At taxpayer’s expense?

9. Office Furniture – Do you really need $50,000 worth of furniture to do your job? – At taxpayer’s expense?

10. Who started the practice of having two sets of financial books? – “Books for Your Eyes” & “Books for My Eyes only?” – Why? – At taxpayer’s great expense?

11. Why do you have so many employees with impressive titles and no real job? – At taxpayer’s expense?As you can see, there is plenty room for improvement!

Remember: “The State of Florida remains a right to work state.”


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