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People! You Need to Start Telling the Truth: Dominicue Andrew’s Death

People! Men, women, boys and girls please read this very carefully. You need to tell the truth! Listen! “What happen to simply telling the truth?” Why do you see in case after case, no matter how simple or complex a situation or event is, people are having a hard time just “telling the truth?”

What has happen to our society that “telling the truth” has become a foreign concept? Where are people learning that ”lying” is the only way to go? We have got to stop this madness and go back to the basic and teach our children, the fundamentals as well as the rewards for “telling the truth,” then parents! You must practice what you preach!

Our civilized society will become extinct if we don’t get a handle of this, now!

As a society, we can not accept lying as the new way of communication. We must denounce this habit and call it out every chance we get. Parents you must teach your children that no matter what, they can come to you and tell the truth and the family could work it out together. Children, you should call out your parents when they tell you to lie for them, its wrong! It’s wrong! It’s wrong!

Listen People, we have to start using what so many seem to have forgotten, “common sense.” Common sense will tell you that accidents happen. Sometimes, accidents are without consequences and sometimes accidents will lead to great consequences, but accidents nevertheless will happen as long as we exist on this earth.

As humans we are subject to error and on occasion we will have accidents. We all pray that no life is taken as a result of our actions. However, if a life is taken because of an accident, we understand that there are consequences. This law allows us to continue to co-exist in a civilize society.

Let’s not make “lying” a habit that we will quickly adapt too, rather, let’s denounce “lying” every chance we get: starting with ourselves and bring “telling the truth” to the forefront of our existence and remind each other that “it’s the honorable thing to do and it’s the right thing to do!”

We will be a better society because we dared to “tell the truth!”


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