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Interstate 405: Los Angeles “Carmageddon!”

Los Angeles Carmageddon could also be described as “I’m on Interstate 405; “Please Come and Get Me!” which you know by now, would be an insurmountable if not downright impossible task, until some time Monday afternoon.

Interstate 405 could easily turn into the latest lover’s lane for all of the adventurous souls in Los Angeles and what a story that would be to tell. Or it could be the excuse that all players (men with more than one lady friend) could use, to explain why they couldn’t make it home last night.

I’m sure that the comedian’s can really get paid with the material they will be able to generate because they or someone they know got stuck on Carmageddon road, or the possibilities of what could be done while cruising 2 miles and hour for 53+ hours. For instance, “honey turn on the news, can’t you see me waiving at you to the camera” or “honey, my car ran hot and stopped, so I had to call AAA; they told me the expected time of arrival would be 56 hours at best!” he..he..he.

So, when the sun rises today in Cali on Interstate 405, hopefully the sensible would have already prepared for Carmageddon and will be making a toast around noon, to all the curious seekers who just couldn’t stay home but had to actually venture out to see if Carmageddon was as bad as everyone thought it would be.

Don’t worry about them, they’re let you know in 60 hours; the time it’s going to take to get out of that mess.

In the meantime, “cheers to you lad!” “Happy “Carmageddon!”


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