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Hats off to Mayor Gimenez: Making tough choices in tough times!

Having to reduce taxes and shrink the size of government while maintaining a sense of fluidity within the Miami-Dade County is no easy task for anyone, let alone Mayor Carlos Gimenez. Fortunately, having served as commissioner will prove beneficial in the next phase of his career.

Tough choices will have to be made in the days and weeks to follow, unfortunately, the tomorrow of the past is now today and unpopular but necessary decisions will have to be made to bring the deficit down and in compliance of the law.

What one must understand is that the government is the same size if not bigger than it was before so many of the cities within Miami-Dade County decided to incorporate. However, in reality, once Pinecrest, Doral, Aventura, Miami Lakes, Miami Gardens and others decided too incorporate, it took much needed county resources with it. Yet, Miami-Dade County never adjusted its payroll to accommodate the shortfall. Eventually, because of revenue shortfall, the county started to operate in the red and/or at a loss.

In business, you can only cover up a loss for so long, and then you will need to downgrade your operations or restructure to bring your business out of the red and into the black. “The term is called restructuring or downsizing.” The county never restructured to accommodate the loss. Had the previous administration made timely adjustments to accommodate the loss of revenue along the way, perhaps the situation would not be as bad as it is today.

As previously stated, Mayor Gimenez inherited a massive debt loss coming into and taking his position as Mayor of Miami-Dade County, much like the deficit inherited by President Obama. It’s not easy standing up against familiar faces, knowing that they have already pre-judged you before the work is done.

Remember, respect is not always given, sometimes it has to be earned and it appears that Mayor Gimenez will no doubt earn his share of respect in the days, weeks and months to come.


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