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Jackson Health System: The Effort to Beat Insurmountable Odds Series – Part 1

Jackson Health System is a very complex conglomerate and will require nothing short of the very best experts to untangle the trappings of century old, however well-intentioned but misguided business deals and practices.

Because of its complexity, the parties in charge of disassembling and reconfiguring Jackson’s administration and finances can’t attempt to conquer this giant from the middle or at the end. Hear this! However difficult the thought maybe, you have to start at the beginning!

Look at Jackson Health System as a crossword puzzle for a moment. If you begin to assemble the puzzle in the middle, you will notice that you could easily put bits and pieces together, but nothing is really making sense, something is taking shape but what is it?

If you start at the end, you might be able to put together, what appears to be a picture of a hospital but its foundation is crumbled and decayed almost unrecognizable. How did it get that way and who can you ask for more information on this building to determine if it qualifies as a building of historic value and worth restoring or if it should be condemned so that another building or business can take its place?

Is there a single place whereby you can research Jackson’s history from its humble beginnings, years earlier? Will you have an opportunity to sit with Jackson’s historian and allow her or him to take you for a walk down memory lane, so that you can gain a greater prospective of what were the intentions of the builder and what is the significance of this building, in this location to the community at large.

Then you need to sit with a centurion in administration, if possible and have them show you the books, either old accounting books or records kept on the computer and start at page one. As you carefully begin to examine the finances of Jackson, you need to look at it with the same eye that a jeweler would peer through a magnifying glass at an imperfect diamond to determine its value in spite of its flaws.

** Special Thanks to Jeffrey Donovan, award winning actor who was so gracious to lend his voice to the video appearing with this topic. **


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