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Miami-Dade County:The Massive Budget vs. the Taxpayer’s!!!

This is not about the Labor Unions vs. Carlos Gimenez; this is about the “Massive County Budget” versus the “taxpayer’s of Miami-Dade County!”

The taxpayer’s have already spoken loud and clear and the message is; “Its time for big governments such as Miami-Dade County to learn how to “live within its means!” With more and more taxpayers finding themselves either unemployed or underemployed; most if not all had to restructure their lifestyles to accommodate the loss of income. Big Governments will also have to restructure the layers of bureaucracy in order to adjust to their new lifestyle due to lack of incoming revenue.

Most of the services that the general public receives from Miami-Dade County are “fringe benefits” not “rights afforded to them by law” but rather “special perks,” compliments of Miami-Dade County, which means that these “special perks” are local issues being paid for, or sponsored unknowingly by the generosity of the taxpayers of Miami-Dade County.

Some examples of special perks:
1. Providing interpreters in certain courts: whereby none is required by law.
2. Providing informational literature in languages other than English.
3. Providing child care for babies brought to court.
4. Providing services in certain segments of the Domestic Violence Unit.
5. Providing services through Family Court Self-Help Program.
6. Providing alternative services and programs in Juvenile Court.
7. Providing services in Traffic Court.
8. Providing services in Child Support matters.
9. Providing legal services through Legal Aid or some similar entity.

And the perks go on and on, compliments of the taxpayer. Not withstanding, that the special perks allow the constituents’ to navigate through the government with ease. Nevertheless, it’s taxpayers dollars paying for those “special perks” and “the service is not free, nor is it mandated by law, so the kind taxpayers of Miami-Dade County, unknowingly pick up the tab.”

So the question becomes, “Moving forward, “who will pick up the tab for the services that the public enjoys but no longer can afford?” And if the monies are no longer in the County coffers, “which social and legal (not mandated by law) programs will the County eliminate first?” And if that is still not enough! Then the “ultimate question” becomes “Which employee, based on a particular criteria and the individual departments recommendation, will the County be forced too ceremoniously “Displace due to budget constraints?”

This is a too be continued issue! Stay tune for future updates!!!


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